Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’: Secret deals are made

Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’: Secret deals are made

Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’ (The Swashbuckler ‘At the Dawn of the Millennium’) Episode 31 Summary

Celal and Mustafa are face to face. And they make a secret deal between Farah and the children. Let’s see who will benefit from it.

Queen Nur and the Sultan are missing Princess Neslihan. They are certain that they will get her back, even if it’s the last thing they do.

The Great Council, believing killing Gıyaseddin has given them the upper hand, now aims for someone from Filinta’s inner circle.

Süreyya negotiates the terms of agreement with Boris. Süreyya tells him that her promise to the Sultan guarantees her support to Boris as the only authority at the bank, but how will she explain her reasons and conditions?

Does Davud Pasha’s wariness still anger the Sultan? What is Pasha’s ultimatum to Filinta Mustafa and his crew?

The brotherhood is rummaging Istanbul to find Farah. What is Filinta Mustafa’s plan to talk the truth out of her?

Who is that person that Filinta Mustafa brings to Ayşe Hatun who is missing her children, and what does this person has to say to comfort her?

What will the Great Council’s reaction be to Celal’s plan? And what about Boris Zaharyas?

Can Bıçak Ali make up with her lover after she slaps him?

Boris, along with Rıza goes to the hospital’s laboratory and makes some demands of Leyla. What is his agenda?

What does Mustafa want from Bekri, Şifahi and Eşref?

All these questions will be answered on the new episode of Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’ on 16 October Friday at 20:00 on TRT1.