İnadına Aşk: Defne is fighting on two fronts

İnadına Aşk: Defne is fighting on two fronts

İnadına Aşk (Unyielding Love) Episode 16 Summary

Toprak is furious after seeing Yalın at the fire escape and beats him up. But something Yalın says really gets through to him. This fight will be a milestone in their relationship.

Leyla is cross with Toprak after what he did to Yalın. Toprak has to go the extra mile to soothe her.

Defne tries to oppose her brother while she fights her feelings for Yalın. But Yalın is doing everything to break her. Defne resists him and goes after Yalın’s mother to help the man she loves to overcome his childhood trauma.

Deniz and Ezgi’s young relationship is up against a big test - Ezgi’s jealousy fits. Can Deniz change the negative first impression he left?

Yeşim surprises Çınar by taking him to the court to set a date. But there is a bigger surprise that Çınar will find that day.

The new episode of İnadına Aşk is on 15 October Thursday at 20:00 on FOX.