Güneşin Kızları: Güneş is after the truth

Güneşin Kızları: Güneş is after the truth

Güneşin Kızları (Daughters of the Sun) Episode 16 Summary

Güneş is worried that the girls might see Zafer. She also finds out that Sevilay is suing her. Sevilay tells Güneş that Ahmet is involved with their investigation on Güneş’s past. A confused Güneş approaches İnci to learn what Sevilay and İnci did.

Nazlı doesn’t want to forgive Savaş but Savaş keeps chasing her. Selin intervenes and makes Nazlı promise one thing - she would never speak to Savaş again. Nazlı is left between Savaş and Selin.

Selin accepts Ali’s dare and decides to get back together with Emre. Ali sees that Selin takes the bet too seriousy and tries to talk her out of it, but Selin keeps playing the game.

Ahmet annoys Haluk. Haluk invites him to go hunting together. Even though he knows Haluk’s true intentions, Ahmet accepts his invitation. That might be Ahmet’s last day on this world.

The new episode of Güneşin Kızları is on 5 Oktober Monday at 20:00 on Kanal D.