Last Exit: Dark streets are after their new victims

Last Exit: Dark streets are after their new victims

Son Çıkış (Last Exit) Episode 8 Summary

For Kenan and Zeynep, whose lives have been destroyed by the city streets, there is no hope left for a life together. Also Cesur wants to come between them, but his feelings for Zeynep are not mutual. The happiness and hopes of a few years ago is now long gone. For Lostra’s daughter Ege, Kenan is the prince that saves her from the ruthless world she lives in. She doesn’t even consider whether Kenan shares her feelings or not. While she is chasing happiness like a butterfly, she sees a new and a monstrous side of his father Lostra. After discovering that Çiçekçi is working with Jülide, Lostra transfers Çiçekçi to the farm. Çiçekçi knows that he is about to die. Lostra resorts to most violent ways and Ege accidentally witnesses that. Lostra somehow manages to soften Ege. But the girl has already found out that her sweet, beloved father has a ruthless and violent side. Lostra goes after Jülide as well.

In the neighbourhood Meral is still suffering from the aftershock of her confrontation with her past. She still can’t forgive her mother, who first didn’t believe that her stepfather has been molesting Meral, but later stabbed her husband to save her daughter. The group wants to organise a surprise party for Meral’s upcoming birthday. The whole neighbourhood helps them. Nilüfer and Yusuf are happy to see that the kids are chasing happiness after all. But there are still hostile forces that are waiting to prey upon those pure children, who are looking for the ‘last exit’. Halit, who has been banned from selling drugs in the neighbourhood, decides to work for the procurer Arap Fiko. His first victim is Özlem, who has been staggering between the light and the dark side. Everyone is at Meral’s birthday party. Halit calls Özlem outside, saying that he will give her drugs. He drugs her and puts her to sleep. Then he takes her to Arap Fiko’s place. When Kenan, Balyoz and Eflatun notice her absence they plunge into the night of İstanbul - a night dark enough to cover every crime. Will Özlem bi one of those who miss the ‘last exit’ or will she be saved?

The new episode of Son Çıkış is 3 October Saturday at 20:00 on TRT1.