Diriliş “Ertuğrul”: Ertuğrul against the Mongols

Diriliş “Ertuğrul”: Ertuğrul against the Mongols

Resurrection “Ertuğrul” Episode 27 Summary

The Turkish Seljuks rule in Anatolia. Their leader is Alaaddin Kai Kobad. With the sultan the state is at her golden days but Genghis Khan’s horde slowly invades Russia, India, China and Iran - practically half of the world. Their eyes are on Anatolia and Europe. Everyone knows that they have the military supremacy to achieve their goals.

The Mongol unit led by Noyan has come to the eastern Anatolia. The preparations for a battle between the Mongols and the Seljuks have started. Meanwhile Seljuk Sultan decides to fight against the Mongols with the help of other Oghuz peoples, Kayı and Dodurga. The Kayı and the Dodurga are on border duty. Noyan wants to break this union apart and wants to destroy the border patrol which is crucial for Seljuks’ safety. The biggest obstacle on their way is Sultan Alaaddin’s most trusted man Ertuğrul.

Noyan sets up a yurt near Erzurum with his livestock and prepares a ruthless attack against Kayı nomads who are migrating for winter.

The new episode of Diriliş is on 30 September Wednesday at 20:00 on TRT1.