Filinta: A storm approaches

Filinta: A storm approaches
Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’ (The Swashbuckler ‘At the Dawn of the Millennium ’) Episode 28 Summary
Filinta Mustafa, Bıçak Ali, Kadı Gıyaseddin and Abdullah are after the Monastery and the Great Council, who are a threat to the Ottoman Empire and want to take the Sultan down. What will happen during that chase in the dark woods?
One of the most favoured warriors of the Monastery, Farah, enters the ottoman land. She comes to İstanbul. Meanwhile the Great Council and the men of Boris Zaharyas are assisting her.
Yusuf Efendi spots Farah at the lodge and corners her with a single question. What is that question that Farah fails to answer?
The head of the Monastery where the enemies of the Ottoman are gathered, Padre, tells the brothers on the yard of the seminary to be prepared for the big night. What will take place that night?
Boris warns Cemil to call their men off the streets, because all hell will break lose.
Hamdi tells Mecit that there is a storm coming and all the porters have to stay in.
Bıçak Ali prepares her beloved Süreyya a henna night as he promised. But what will happen at night?
Will Tabibe Leyla come closer to attain her dreams of marriage with Filinta Mustafa?
Why does Davud Pasha tell Gıyaseddin that he has a bad feeling about that night?
What will happen that night on the yard of the dervish lodge and who is behind it?
All these questions will be answered in the new episode of Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafaşında’ on 25 September Friday at 20:00 on TRT1.