İnadına Aşk: New troubles for new lovers

İnadına Aşk: New troubles for new lovers
İnadına Aşk (Unyielding Love) Episode 13 Summary
Çınar has been caught with Habibe in the hayloft. But he can’t persuade Habibe’s father Satır Celal that nothing happened. Yeşim’s efforts are fruitless as well, so Toprak intevenes and the family returns from the Black Sea to İstanbul. But this doesn’t discourage Çınar and Barutçus visit the Aras family to ask for Yeşim’s hand.
Yalın and Defne’s relationship is going very well. When Toprak hears about it he snaps to Defne, making his stance clear. Defne tells his big brother off and goes to Yalın, only to find an unpleasant surprise.
While dealing with Defne and Yalın’s relationship and Satır Celal, who has been plaguing them, Toprak realizes that his own relationship has taken a different course. He finds that his feelings towards Leyla, which deepened in Trabzon, are reciprocal.
Deniz and Ezgi stop fighting their mutual attraction.
The new episode of İnadına Aşk is on 24 September Thursday at 20:00 on FOX.