Paramparça: “I will ruin their lives”

Paramparça: “I will ruin their lives”
Paramparça (Torn to Pieces) Episode 33 Summary
Harun, who has been holding Cihan and Dilara responsible for the loss of the most precious person in his life and has been waiting for years, is now ready for revenge. Every time he looks at the old photograph in his hand he swears that he will ruin their lives. One by one he sets his plans in motion.
Cihan is already preoccupied with everthing going on in the mansion and is unaware of his enemy’s plans. The only place he finds peace is with Gülseren. He tells her that he is prepared to face everything with Gülseren on his side. But he witnesses something he would never expect.
Things are tense in the mansion. Dilara tries everything to send Gülseren away. Hazal takes advantage of the chaos at home and plays a great trick on everyone.
The new episode of Paramparça is on 21 September Monday at 20:00 on Star.