Kertenkele: The whole world thinks he’s dead

Kertenkele: The whole world thinks he’s dead

Kertenkele (The Lizard) Episode 35 Summary

One year after risking his life to save his brother and the woman he loves, Kertenkele opens his eyes at a hospital and finds himself as the religion teacher of some little rascals at a private school.

Meanwhile Zehra is about to marry the son of one of her grandfather’s close friends. Betül is still not over her brother. After all this time she mourns his loss and rejects Semih’s marriage proposals.

Ünsal, whom Hale has divorced because of his Kertenkele obsession, is still haunted by him and keeps searching him. Deli Kenan has promised to avenge Kertenkele and is after Sokrat. Kertenkele has no idea about what’s going on and he tries to adapt to his new life as a new person.

The new episode of Kertenkele is on 19 September Saturday at 20:00 on atv.