Kara Ekmek: The family falls into pieces

Kara Ekmek: The family falls into pieces
Kara Ekmek (Black Bread) Episode 24 Summary
Asiye has cancelled the wedding. Çetin wants to know why but doesn’t get a satisfactory explanation. He does something bolder and riskier. Asiye has only one way to stop the man she loves. This results in an unexpected night for the lovers.
Meanwhile Salim almost gives up on his life after stabbing Pervin. Once again Mine has to bring the family together. This burden will spark the war between the two sisters.
Asiye decides to sacrifice herself and confront her father. Meanwhile it becomes evident that Aslan is really Selen’s fiancé. Again he has a leverage to confront Asiye. While Asiye is reaching for that hope, Çetin is being dragged into darkness.
The new episode of Kara Ekmek is on 18 September Friday at 20:00 on atv.