Baba Candır: Rüzgar is blackmailing Emrecan!

Baba Candır: Rüzgar is blackmailing Emrecan!
Baba Candır (Dad Is the Best) Episode 5 Summary

Emrecan is furious to see Ceylan with Rüzgar. He advises Ceylan to stop seeing him. Ece starts working as Haluk’s assistant. Haluk does everything he can to frighten her away, but Ece is impervious to his tricks.

Derya is mad that Egemen is getting along with Aslı, the daughter of the hospital owner. Egemen, unwilling to answer to Derya, has to make a decision between his personal and professional life. Emrecan finds out that Ceylan went to see Rüzgar despite all his warnings and confronts Rüzgar. Rüzgar discovers Emrecan’s secret. He threatens Emrecan, saying that he will reveal his little game to Ceylan. Rüzgar is determined to separate Emrecan and Ceylan and there is nothing Emrecan can do to stop him.

The new episode is on 30 August Sunday at 20:00 on TRT1.