İnadına Aşk: Yalın stands up for his love

İnadına Aşk: Yalın stands up for his love
İnadına Aşk (Unyielding Love) Episode 9 Summary

Toprak furiously rushes to the chalet to confront the Aras family. However he calms down when he sees the cutest schemer of the world Yeşim Aras.

Doruk’s injury causes him to spend time with Leyla and Toprak. He enjoys it so much that with the help of his grandmother he starts playing games to keep them together. Will Leyla and Toprak resist their son?

Yalın and Defne’s relationship takes a wonderful start but Defne, stubborn as usual, won’t confess her love. This creates a playful battle.

Now it’s Yalın’s turn to confront the brother. He doesn’t stall and immediately talks to Çınar. What will be the consequences of this act of courage?

The new episode of İnadına Aşk is on 27 August Thursday at 20:00 on FOX.