Baba Candır: Haluk refuses to apologize

Baba Candır: Haluk refuses to apologize
Baba Candır (Dad Is the Best) Episode 4 Summary

Haluk barely escapes Salih and realizes that he has been unfairly accusing Ece. He meets his father's actual fianceé. Ece refuses to come back to work because Haluk doesn't apologize to her. Being unemployed is hard on Ece. She doesn't know what to do with that much free time. Emrecan goes to a job interview. Thanks to Ceylan both Emrecan and she get the job.

The chief of medicine in Egemen's hospital wants to introduce him to his daughter. Egemen goes to meet her and this causes problems between him and his girlfriend Derya. Ece expects an apology from Haluk after she learns that he discovered the truth. Even tough he refuses to apologize she accepts to work with him. She is planning to make his life hell.

On her first day at work Ceylan finds herself in the middle of a chase. Famous popstar Rüzgar comes to her help. Emrecan is not happy about Ceylan meeting Rüzgar.

The new episode of Baba Candır is on 23 August Sunday at 20:00 on TRT1.