Adı Mutluluk: Who will survive this dangerous game?

Adı Mutluluk: Who will survive this dangerous game?
Adı Mutluluk (Its Name Is Happiness) Episode 9 Summary

Kumsal is suspicious about Batu’s real identity. Afraid that he might have hurt Özlem, she begins investigating him.

Batu tries cutting off all ties with Tatlı. From now on he would be against him at all costs. His friends support him in this endeavour. All together they go to Tatlı’s hotel and sneak in to his room.

Eren wonders why Kumsal is angry at everyone. He believes that something about her mother is troubling Kumsal. He goes on a journey to solve this mystery. Dolunay accompanies him. She is determined to discover Eren’s intentions.

Tatlı finally reveals why he seeks revenge against Batu. What happens to Özlem shocks everyone. A struggle of life and death begins. Let’s see who will survive this dangerous game.

The new episode of Adı Mutluluk is on 18 August Tuesday at 20:00 on FOX.