Ne Münasebet: Will Nil ever change her mind?

Ne Münasebet: Will Nil ever change her mind?
Ne Münasebet (Of Course Not) Episode 7 Summary

Nil is depressed after her resignation and locks herself in the house. She is both disappointed and offended by Demir. After spending days in the house Berkant invites her to a movie premiere. Actually that invitation is a part of Ahu and Berkant’s plan. When two singers have a dress crisis at the premiere Nil and Demir find themselves as opposing attorneys.

Muazzez is irritated with Ahu’s attempts to approach Demir and decides to teach her a lesson. Demir admits that he misses Nil and wants her to come back to the office. However Nil is adamant. Meanwhile Hakkı Bey, who is upset because of Nil’s resignation hatches a plan. Will Hakkı Bey’s interesting plan change Nil’s mind?

The new episode of Ne Münasebet is on 17 August Monday at 20:00 on Show TV!