Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem (Magnificent Century Kösem) on Set!

Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem (Magnificent Century Kösem) on Set!

Filming for the much discussed series by TİMS Yapım “Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem” will start this week.

The preparations for the series, directed by Zeynep Günay Tan, have been going on for two years and casting took over four months. It is expected to air at the beginning of October and apparently on Thursday evenings. Its world premiere will take place at MIPCOM in Cannes on 5-11 October. As you recall, this year Turkey has been elected as “The Country of Honour” at the biggest entertainment fair of the world MIPCOM.

The crew started filming last week but shooting of actor’s scenes will start 14 August Friday in Greece. Later they will continue at the huge set in İstanbul. We hear that the series’ art director Nilüfer Çamur will use real settings as well.

We informed you before that Mete Horozoğlu, Berk Cankat and Ekin Koç joined the cast of the series scripted by Yılmaz Şahin. The word is that almost five thousand auditions were made for the ‘Young Kösem’ and finally a young actress was selected.

The only official announcement is that Hülya Avşar will be portraying Safiye Sultan, there is not a single word from the production company regarding the rest of the cast. Out of respect to their promotion strategy we will not disclose the confirmed names that we hear. But rest assured, you will be surprised.

And most importantly, Deniz Koloş who was shooting 12 episodes for Maral: En Güzel Hikayem (Maral: My Best Story) for Tv8 is back home again. We wish all the best luck to the directors Zeynep Günay Tan and Deniz Koloş for the series.