Demir and Nil drift apart in Ne Münasebet

Demir and Nil drift apart in Ne Münasebet
Ne Münasebet (Of Course Not) | Episode 6 | Summary 

In the sixth episode of the series Ahu and Berkant’s plans pay off and they successfully drive a wedge between Demir and Nil. Demir thinks Nil is with Berkant and Nil believes Demir is with Ahu. With a snap decision Demir replaces Nil with Ahu as the mediator. This further drives the two apart. Ahu and Demir pose as newly weds and check into the hotel in order to reconcile the owner and a travel writer. Nil is frustrated that Demir chose Ahu over her and is determined to keep her job. She gets angry over Demir’s remoteness and him undermining her authority and makes a decision that surprises everyone.

“Ne Münasebet” combines comedy and action with its new episode on Show TV on 10 August Moday at 20:30!