Red Arrow International to distribute acclaimed new Icelandic crime drama “Case”

Red Arrow International to distribute acclaimed new Icelandic crime drama “Case”
Red Arrow International is to distribute new psychological crime thriller “Case”, produced by Sagafilm for Channel 2 Iceland.

The 9 x 1 hour series is the latest drama from acclaimed Icelandic director Baldvin Z (“Trapped”, “Life in a Fishbowl”) and stars Magnús Jónsson, Jóhanna Vigdís Arnardóttir and Steinun Ólína Þórsteinsdóttir. “Case” is written by Andri Óttarsson and Þorleifur Örn Arnarson.

“Case” premiered in October on Channel 2 in Iceland dominating TV ratings with an 80% share of viewing.

Gudny Gudjonsdottir CEO of Sagafilm said: “We are delighted that Red Arrow International is taking our new thriller ‘Case’ out to broadcasters around the world. ‘Case’ builds on the domestic success we have enjoyed with legal drama ‘Réttur’ and has already proved to resonate with audiences in Iceland. We are looking forward to now sharing our drama with the rest of the world.”

Henrik Pabst, Managing Director of Red Arrow International said: “It is great news that we are working with Sagafilm for the first time, and on such a strong, internationally-appealing drama. ‘Case’ comes from the tradition of Scandi crime shows, but the Reykjavik setting in a small, closed community puts a whole new and exciting twist on the genre. We are thrilled to be distributing Baldvin Z’s latest show”.

“Case” explores the impact a single tragedy has on the fragile bonds of a small community, and how quickly the mask of respectability can slip to reveal the true face of evil lurking behind it.  Coupled with an unflinching look at the dangers of today’s social media that’s as immediate as it is compelling, “Case” is a taut and thrilling new psychological thriller.

Red Arrow International is distributing both the finished 9 episode series of “Case” and the scripted format of the show, alongside the two seasons of legal drama “Réttur” (The Court).